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Serving The Community

Since being elected in 2014, my main focus has been serving the folks in Ward 4. I have supported live streaming of council meeting, increased local communication and have involved residents in the planning process. It is my belief that every Councillor should be accessible and accountable to the people they serve.


Open for Business

Our Council has been focused on attracting new investment and supporting sustainable growth. In 2017, we supported the expansion of 360 Incentives, renovated the old land registry office to support our new innovation hub and welcomed many new businesses to Whitby. 


Celebrating Diversity

Whitby is an open community that welcomes everyone regardless of what you worship, who you love or where you come from. As the Mayor’s designate on the Ethno Cultural and Diversity Committee, I am proud of the work that is being done. Whitby’s strong sense of community is why many new comers have decided to make it their home.


Affordability and Responsible Spending


  • Identify cost saving measures through a Regional Service Delivery Review
  • Work with the Province of Ontario to find fair and sustainable funding tools so we can keep taxes low
  • Fight to remove the tolls from the 412
  • Continue to look for budgetary savings without harming service levels (Over 3 Million in savings since 2014)

Economic Development


  • Service more employment lands so that businesses can build quickly and hire immediately
  • Reduce red tape to speed up business investment 
  • Continue to support the incentives for downtown investment
  • Ensure that the infrastructure demands are met so that economic growth can be supported

Strong and Sustainable Growth


  • Better engage residents in the planning process
  • Ensure that residents have a voice in the planning process through increased communication and public meetings
  • Work with the Government of Ontario to find ways for growth to pay for itself
  • Ensure that residents have the amenties, services, parks and recreational facilities to support continued growth

Safe Communities


  • Expand traffic calming measures in problematic areas
  • Provide law enforcement with the tools to effectively reduce speeding in school zones
  • Explore opportunities to expand our community safety zones
  • Continue to improve the walkability of our downtowns with more sidewalks and cycling paths

Effective and Reliable Transit


  • Improve route alignment so that bus routes will be designed to be as direct as possible
  • Continue to improve service frequency, network wide
  • Improve the specialized transit services, so that people with disabilities have transit options that meet their needs
  • Improve and increase service hours through additional morning and night services

Opportunities for Seniors and Youth


  • Ensure that seniors and youth have affordable housing options
  • Utilize available greenspace to encourage community activity
  • Expand seniors programming and address space requirements
  • Continue to advocate with the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, and other healthcare providers for improved services, including more long-term care beds, homecare services, increased respite and palliative care and mental health services

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Councillor Steve Yamada

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